Confeuropa aims the organizational development of the network model of internationalization, constantly promoted through:
  • Assistance activities and business support for companies
  • Promotion, information and communication activities
  • Network project development actions.


Confeuropa Imprese ensures the development of business potential through specific assistance, both on the organizational side than on the project. The function of representation and lobbying institution is supported by continuous research, collaborations with public and private and intense action of communication towards the media, institutions and businesses.


Confeuropa Imprese plays a constant role in guiding strategy for the activities of Italian companies supporting them in internationalization and by promoting the Made in Italy and the Italian System.

Membri Confeuropa

Confeuropa Imprese listed some of the most important enterprises in Italy and abroad, companies with mixed or full Italian capital.


A group of experts gives companies the information they need to:
  • Apply the sectorial law
  • Create opportunities for collaboration or decentralization of production
  • Exploiting the funding of public funds
  • Use of university research applied to industry
  • Exploiting the opportunities of internationalization
  • Build models of business organizations
  • Obtaining public permits and permits to carry out productive activities
  • Supporting sustainable development of the company.


Confeuropa aims to:
  • Protect and disseminate a new internationalization network model both near to national and international institutions and to business organizations
  • Promote and enhance trade exchanges between Italy and overseas
  • Establish a network of business and a strong trade relationship between various countries
  • Providing correct and prompt informations , purvey competitive advantage
  • Create partnerships among associates
  • Increase the number of members
  • Support the concept of competitiveness
  • Demonstrate that "Made in Italy" and the "Italian System" is more than a label

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."

― Mohandas Gandhi